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 Monday Memo: 

   Creating Change in Early Childhood Education, One Message at a Time  

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In Monday Memo:  Creating Change in Early Childhood Education, One Message at a Time, DJ Schneider Jensen answers the question “how do I transform my preschool from fine to amazing? DJ uses emails, letters, Monday Memos, and “hey boss do you have a minute” conversations to show how one preschool moved from a traditional “teacher-directed-circle-time-letter-of-the-week-worksheet” approach to one that values emergent learning, teacher-child partnerships, and meaningful family involvement – in one year’s time. 

“By clinging to old ideas, many schools fail our littlest citizens” explains DJ. “The research is clear and there are plenty of books that explain best practices and describe what that looks like in the classroom, but how do we get there? That is what directors want to know. They need a guide for creating change – actual words to use with teachers and parents. My book gives them a road map for every step of the journey."

“But change doesn’t happen in a vacuum and it is not easy.” DJ explains. “Change happens in the context of  day-to-day challenges faced by preschool directors everywhere. In Monday Memo, the director has to manage change in the context of great personal loss, teachers who are not on board, parents trying to understand and sometimes complaining, teachers who are not a good fit,  licensing agencies, and the typical firefighting it takes to keep a school running.”

Praise for Monday Memo:
​"This book should be required reading for ALL preschool teachers and directors." – Cheryl 

​"This book will forever change the way you talk to your teachers and parents about how children learn, and how to support that learning."  Maxine Segal Handelman, Author, Educator

"Not many books make me laugh, make me cry, and teach me at the same time. Monday Memo does all three."  Dr. Tim Rice

Every director wants an amazing preschool with motivated teachers who are developmentally appropriate. They also want their teachers to have Absolute Intentional Regard (AIR) for every child in their care.  Monday Memo gives directors the tools they need to guide and inspire their teachers to "give their students some AIR".